It’s no secret that Twitter is my favourite social media platform. Or that I am an introvert.

It’s also a medium where I feel comfortable to express my introvert pride. In addition, many of the reasons why I love Twitter is it caters to my introvert tendencies and preferences. My conclusion: Twitter is perfect for introverts. If you’re an introvert, here are 5 reasons why Twitter is the ideal social media platform for you!

1.Find Your Tribe

Screenshot of Quiet Hour Twitter Chat question

If you’re like me, you might struggle with “fitting in” and feeling out of place because of your introverted nature. With Twitter, I discovered that there ARE tribes where introverted folks fit in just fine! In fact, with Twitter, your fellow ISFJs and ISTJs are only a hashtag or @mention away. Forget “happy hour.” At 1PM EST on Fridays, Quiet Revolution (@livequiet) hosts a #QuietHour Twitter chat. You can also check out @IntrovertDoodle who draws cute little cartoons to depict relatable introvert struggles!

2. You Can Get Your Words *Just* Right

A man typing slow on his laptop

Introvert or extrovert – if you write better than you speak, then Twitter is the platform for you! Twitter is perfect for introverts because each tweet is only 140 characters long. There’s no room for rambling and there’s plenty of room to craft the perfect tweet. And for the imperfect tweets?  Those can stay in your tweet drafts until you get your wording just right.

3. Nothing Shameless About Self-Promotion

You make awesome things! Whether it be your latest vlog, Flickr album, mixtape or podcast, Twitter is a place to promote your work and hobbies. I believe self-promotion does not have to be shameless. Twitter is perfect for introverts because it can ease that discomfort of putting yourself out there. Adding hashtags to your tweets ensures you are noticed by the right people – either by those with similar interests or those in your industry.

4. Twitter: The Network That Never Sleeps

Selena Gomez scrolling through phone

Twitter is my primary source for breaking news, viral videos, and trending hashtags. And I stay updated all from the quiet comfort of wherever I am. Twitter is perfect for introverts because it can provide you with material for Monday morning water cooler small talk – so you’ll never be unprepared again. At times however, the Twitterverse becomes noisy and overwhelming. It’s okay to log off and catch up again later. Just because Twitter doesn’t sleep, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.

5. Networking for Dummies Introverts

twitter chat networking gif

While you work up the nerve to attend a networking event, you can start networking with people via Twitter chats! Twitter Chats are an hour-long conversation about a particular subject or theme. Questions are asked by the Twitter chat host and participants can respond to questions and other participant’s responses using the specific chat hashtag. Twitter chats like #CommChat or #smallbizchat are an opportunity to gain insight and connect with professionals.

Bonus: When you finally work up the courage to attend a conference, workshop or panel event, use Twitter as an opportunity to connect with other attendees beforehand!

Whatever social media platform you choose, I encourage you to find one where you can be your most authentic self. If you’re an introvert and not on Twitter yet, give it a try! And if you’re an introvert who prefers another platform – let me know why in the comments below!