6 Must-Have Apps You Need in 2017

Whether you are trying to improve your Instagram aesthetic, earn free movies, or increase your productivity, you'll want to download these must have apps!

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Must Have Apps to Download on Phone

It’s time to backup your camera roll to the cloud and delete your Internet history. You’re going to need to clear up some space on your phone (and desktop browser) to make room for some new must have apps. The 5 apps I am about to share with you are some of my favourites. I promise you they are worth the download!

1. Shine Text


Screenshot of Shine Text in Facebook MessengerScreenshot of Shine Text in Facebook Messenger

Shine Text will make you excited to see that little red notification in your Facebook inbox. Every weekday morning around 8:30 am, Shine Text sends you a motivational message centered around positive affirmations, confidence, and mental and physical well-being. My favourite part is that the messages always contain actionable steps – as well as links to related content. Not to mention, the messages are personalized with your name, and they feature quotes, images, and GIFs! To sign up, head over to the Shine Bot Messenger page: https://m.me/ShineText.


FREE and Paid Subscription available.

Screenshot of UNUM AppScreenshot of UNUM AppScreenshot of UNUM App

UNUM is an app that is too good to be free. If you care about Instagram aesthetic, download UNUM. It’s an app where you can visually plan your Instagram posts by dragging and dropping photos/videos from your device onto an Instagram grid. You can add multiple Instagram accounts, edit photos, draft Instagram posts, write captions, schedule reminders to post to Instagram, AND hide photos to see what your feed would look like without them.

If this app isn’t awesome enough, UNUM also offers analytics like the best time to post, your most popular posts, and your follower stats. I use the Free Plan, and with it, I have 18 grids and 500 photo/video uploads a month – more than enough for the average Instagram user. Download UNUM in the App Store.

3. Momentum

FREE, Premium Plan available.

Momentum Google Chrome Extension

Momentum is a Google Chrome extension that makes opening a new tab less distracting. Momentum replaces the default New Tab screen in Chrome with a stunning photo and a simple fill-in-the-blank question: “What do you want to do today?” The goal of Momentum is to keep you focused and productive so that every time you open a new tab, you’re reminded of your priorities, and not your frequently visited sites. With Momentum, you can add quick links to the sites you need, create a to-do checklist, and view the current weather in your city. My favourite part is the daily thought-provoking quote at the bottom of the page. Momentum is an extension I recommend ALL Google Chrome users download.

4. Chrome IG Stories


Chrome IG Stories Extension

I watch Instagram Stories 50% of the time on Instagram. The other 50% of Stories, I watch on my computer with a Chrome Extension called “Chrome IG Stories.” Once you install the extension, you’ll be able to see Stories appear at the top of your feed on the desktop version of Instagram. You won’t be able to visit individual profiles and click on Stories like you can on the Instagram app. Sometimes you may even need to refresh the webpage a couple of times for the Stories bar to appear at the top of the page. Other than that, this extension works well. 

5. LinkedIn Jobs Search


Screenshot of LinkedIn Jobs Search AppScreenshot of LinkedIn Jobs Search App

The LinkedIn Jobs Search app makes job hunting less time-consuming. With the Job Search app, you can receive notifications about jobs based on the title, keywords or location you choose. You can also apply for jobs within the app using your LinkedIn profile. Your dream job is only an alert away with the Jobs Search app. Plus, if you’re looking to increase your LinkedIn presence, I would also recommend downloading the LinkedIn app.

BONUS APP: Carrot Rewards


Screenshot of Carrot Rewards AppScreenshot of Carrot Rewards AppScreenshot of Carrot Rewards App

Carrot Rewards is the newest must have app. With Carrot Rewards, you can earn rewards for SCENE, Aeroplan Miles, and Petro Points – just by tracking your daily steps! Just connect Carrot Rewards with your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple HealthKit,  or Google Fit. You earn points every time you reach your daily step goal, complete challenges, and answer quizzes. Download Carrot Rewards and use my code “cp2529″ to earn 100 SCENE points!

Let me know if you try any of the 5 must have apps I mentioned! And if you have an app you want to recommend – mention it in the comments below!

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      Thank you!!! And can we talk about how you can play around with TeuxDeux on their website? So cool! The only thing is, I’m still an old-fashioned pen and paper To Do list woman…

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