6 Must-Have Apps You Need in 2019

This new list of must-have apps includes an app to improve your Instagram Stories, enhance your productivity, and a Pinterest-like app for notes!

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Over the past year, I’ve discovered some apps that have become a part of the roster of must have apps. You know what that means – it’s time to clear some space on your phone! You’ll want some storage room for these 6 must-have apps.

1. Evernote

Fun fact – I wrote the draft of this blog post in Evernote! Last November, I was searching for an app where I could save notes, pictures, Instagram hashtags, quotes, links, and lists. Someone recommended Evernote and I never looked back.

Whenever I come across a link or PDF that I want to save, I can clip a highlighted selection, bookmark the page, or save a simplified version of the article. Your notes in Evernote are organized in “workbooks,” which you can label, archive and search.

I love how user-friendly Evernote is and I can access my notes anywhere, anytime. You can use your Evernote account on 2 devices (perfect for mobile and desktop), and you probably won’t need a paid plan. The monthly upload limit for your notes is more than enough!

Download Evernote on iTunes
ownload Evernote on Google Play

2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC for Mobile

There are many mobile photo editing apps, but Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is my #1. I like the range of adjustments and corrections this app enables me to do to my photos. One of my favourite things about this app is the ability to use and create presets. You can apply the same filter (or adjustments) so all your photos have a consistent look. This is super helpful when I’m editing Instagram photos for work.

If you have an Adobe Creative Suite subscription, you can sync your photos across devices (among other awesome perks and features). I haven’t experimented with the in-app camera, but it seems to offer some powerful capabilities like shooting in RAW HDR+.

Download Adobe Lightroom Mobile on iTunes
Download Adobe Lightroom Mobile on Google Play

3. Milanote

Milanote is like “The Evernote for Creatives” but I like to describe it as the lovechild of Pinterest and Evernote. It’s a must-have app because it’s perfect for brainstorming creative concepts, storing and generating ideas, and organizing inspiration and research. Not only can you save photos, links, notes, PDF’s and documents – but you can drag and organize your ideas in boards.

This makes Milanote perfect for moodboards, creative briefs, social media calendars, customer journey maps and more. If you’re a Marketer, Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer – or just a visual thinker – you should check out the templates and inspiration on how to use Milanote.

4. BlockSite

Blocksite is a productivity tool you can use when your self-discipline isn’t as strong as you’d like. With Blocksite, you can temporarily restrict access to apps and websites. Spending too much time on Instagram? Add it to Blocksite. Want to resist the temptation of checking your work email? Add the URL to Blocksite.

I use Blocksite on my phone, but there’s also a Google Chrome extension. The Chrome extension has a ton of features – you can sync your blocked sites/apps across devices, set up a schedule, set up a Work Mode (based off the Pomodoro technique), and a Whitelist mode (a list of sites you can only access while Blocksite is on).

Download the BlockSite Chrome Extension
Download the BlockSite Mobile App (Android only)

5. Preview App

The Preview App is a must have app

In my last must-have apps post, I talked about UNUM. UNUM was great…until I discovered Preview. Like UNUM, Preview is a free visual drag-and-drop Instagram feed planner, and it offers hashtag tools and Instagram analytics. You can edit, re-post, and schedule unlimited Instagram photos, videos, carousel posts and Stories.

Why is Preview better than UNUM? I made the switch to Preview because the Android version of UNUM is a beta version, so I found it very buggy. What I also love about Preview is even though on the free plan you can plan the layout for only one account, you can upload and plan unlimited posts (in UNUM, you can only upload 18 posts on the free plan).

Download Preview on iTunes
Download Preview on Google Play

6. InShot App

InShot is likely to be mentioned on any list of must-have apps needed to take your Instagram stories to the next level. InShot is a photo, collage and video editor. I love it because you can crop videos!!!, trim videos, use multiple clips, adjust speed, add filters, effects, music or stickers. You can also choose what size you want your video or photo to be – 9×16 is perfect for Instagram and Facebook Stories, and 1×1 for Instagram and Facebook posts.

And don’t worry about losing resolution when you export from InShot – you have the option of selecting your video output size. One of my favourite uses for InShot for is creating videos for Instagram Stories. You can place a video on top of a photo background – which makes it great for integrating your branding for conferences, events, and social media campaigns.

Download InShot on iTunes
Download InShot on Google Play

MINI BONUS: I’m also playing around with an app called Snow and another app called Unfold. Together, InShot, Snow and Unfold can up your Instagram Story game.

BONUS Must-Have Apps: Crello and Easil

Let’s face it – creating graphics for social media takes time, talent and creativity – something we don’t always have in copious amounts. Canva used to be my go-to for quick graphics, but I’ve found a lot of their templates have become predictable cookie cutter designs. Whenever I’m designing a social media graphic and need some fresh inspiration or quick ready-to-use templates, I use Crello and/or Easil.

Both Easil and Crello are online graphic design applications. and are very similar to Canva. Easil has some professional Instagram Story designs, and Crello has modern and unique social media post templates.

The downside to Crello and Easil is that many features and templates for the free plans are very limited. If you want to remove watermarks, have access to all their premium templates, or resize your graphics – you’ll have to pay. But when you need to create something that looks good, fast, a scroll through the templates on Crello or Easil is sure to get you designing in no time.

So there you have it! My current must-have app list. Do you use any of these apps or have you discovered any awesome apps lately? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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  1. *has like 0.00028 MB on phone*
    *proceeds to download 2 of the recommended apps* 😩😂 So far! 👀 I had UNUM from when you last recommended it, so giving Preview a chance in the hope of it having more options! Also, Snow is really popular in South Korea. When taking pictures, it’s almost their default camera! I have yet to use it to its full advantage though. Great article!!

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