It's pronounced "klih-vann" 🙂

Hi there! I’m Clivane Previlon. 

I help you simplify and strengthen your communications so you can inspire and impact your community.

The left side of my brain enjoys marketing communications, digital strategy, community management, and analytics. The right side of my brain delights in branding, storytelling, content marketing, and design thinking. 

And kind people are my kinda people. 

If you have a clear vision, strong values, and a commitment to the greatest good – we should chat!

What I'm doing right now

👀 Looking for full-time digital communications work

💻 Consulting part-time with Kem & Co!

✍🏾 Learning modern calligraphy and hand lettering.

📝 Using this habit tracker to track my healthy habits.

🧠 Completed Foundations of Project Management on Coursera!

👩🏾‍🍳 Looking forward to trying this spice cake recipe and this chai-spiced cake recipe.

🎄 Counting down to Christmas!!

Last updated: October 2021

Whether digitally or IRL, I'd love to connect!

You can also connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, or on LinkedIn.

Books I've read in 2021

More than she was known for her accomplishments, she was known for the way she loved.

Morgan Harper Nichols